" Contributing towards a water secure South Asia "

SaciWATERs, the South Asia Consortium for Interdisciplinary Water Resources Studies, is a policy research institute based in Hyderabad, India. From its inception in 2001, it has focused on critical issues related to water resources management in south Asia. A key endeavour at SaciWATERs has been to enhance the dominant water resources management paradigm in the region with a consideration of all issues using a pro-poor human development approach. The emphasis is on the accumulation of new knowledge through a combination of research, capacity building, and advocacy. Accordingly, it partners with universities and academic institutions from across global north and south to fundamentally reshape water resources knowledge systems in south Asia.

South Asia is endowed with vast water resources, yet there seems to be a perpetual shortage and uneven water distribution. Moreover, global changing scenarios such as urbanization and climate change are contributing to the profound water insecurity. Hence, a holistic approach to cater to this problem is required. SaciWATERs aims to achieve water security in south Asia through a pro-poor human development approach.


  • Negotiated Approach Workshops in South Asia 7th October in Kolkata India and 10th October in Khulna Bangladesh under the Shifting Grounds project.

  • Annual Meeting for the Shifting Grounds project on 11th & 12th October, Khulna Bangladesh.

  • Dissemination workshop for the Brahmaputra Dialogue II is being organised by SaciWATERs on 6th August 2015 at NEDFi House, Guwahati, India.

  • Dr. Anamika Barua and Dr. Aditya Bastola is attending a workshop on "Accelerating WASH progress in South Asia : CSO consolation to develop the advocacy action plan" in Colombo, Srilanka, 25th - 27th November 2015. SaciWATERs Cap-net network (SCAN) is a co hosting the event.

  • Dr. Anamika Barua to chair a session on "Sustainable Ground Water Management" in the International Seminar on CHALLENGES TO GROUND WATER MANAGEMENT:VISION 2050 Organised by CENTRE FOR GROUND WATER STUDIES, Kolkata, 13th - 14th November 2015

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