Aim and Objectives

The phase III (2015 - 2017) will bring together the four riparian countries of Brahmaputra Basin – Bangladesh, Bhutan, China and India – for dialogue on co-management of the river basin. The overarching aim of SaciWATERs’ dialogue initiatives on Brahmaputra Basin is to move towards enabling a basin level institutional framework for strengthening the administration of the Brahmaputra Basin. The following objectives will aid in achieving this aim:

  • To review the existing transboundary protocols/ treaties/accords to understand the processes shaping the institutional arrangements for managing the transboundary rivers.
  • To build the capacity of the local communities (with emphasis on women group) and the Civil Society Organizations (CSOs). This is to enable a level playing field and help them effectively participate in the parallel ongoing joint dialogue with the decision makers.
  • To bring the views of multi-stakeholders (government, civil society organizations, funding agencies, academia, scientific community, media) through individual interactions and multiple workshops
  • To assess the various economic opportunities, challenges and research priorities in the basin
  • To map the functionalities attached to various government (central/state) line departments to bring dovetailing and improved coordination for basin management