Expected Outcomes

The outputs of the project are linked to the objectives and each will support in achieving the larger goal. The expected outcomes are as follows:

  • Building case studies compendium and video documentary from women narratives across the riparian nations

  • Collaborative report on the issues, challenges, and points of cooperation in the evolution and functioning of the transboundary institutions for basin management

  • Choosing appropriate institutions, and dovetail roles and responsibility for improved coordination – contributing to the framework on transboundary cooperation

  • Emergence of Policy Brief - to be discussed with Track 1 and 1.5 bureaucrats, and Track 3 together

  • Establishimg network of Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) across the Brahmaputra Basin

  • Establish political connection and commitment to continue the transboundary dialogue for developing a basin level multipurpose institutional framework

  • Establish a CIC framework that can be used to estimate economic costs and benefits that cooperation would enable across the Basin

  • Formulation of the advisory committee and a draft report highlighting the shared vision for a basin level institutional framework

  • Gather various ideas and issues on conflicts/ cooperation for Brahmaputra river basin by presenting the voices of different stakeholder and strengthened stakeholder networks

  • Identify institutions which can work together and find relevant cooperative solutions on issues of water sharing, and infrastructure and operations

  • Joint list of the economic priorities within the Brahmaputra Basin based on all stakeholder preferences and ranking

  • Joint report on the finding of the economic benefits and allocations required, and avenues to overcome these challenges