Ongoing Projects

Arsenic Knowledge and Action Network

Main Objective: It is an attempt to create repository of knowledge on arsenic and enable action based on this knowledge. The network aims to increase awareness of the arsenic issue amongst affected populations and work towards addressing these issues by supporting coordinated efforts towards arsenic mitigation.

Funder: Arghyam, Bangalore
Focus Area: Partnership and knowledge mobilisation & Capacity building

Citizen's First Campaign on Accountability for Drinking water and Sanitation - Phase 2

Main Objective: The objective of the project is to empower the urban community on water supply and sanitation rights by creating a citizen’s platform- primarily knows as Basti Vikas Manch.

Funder: Water Aid
Focus Area: Advocacy & Capacity building

Climate Policy, Conflicts and Cooperation in Peri-Urban South Asia: Towards Resilient and Water Secure Communities

Main Objective: The project looks into how the processes of climate change and urbanization are creating problems of water insecurity in the peri-urban areas of these four rapidly expanding cities. It seeks to improve mutual learning, strengthen institutional and community capacities to optimally manage water insecurity, and bolster resilience. It also aims to support and empower communities to effectively use, manage and govern their water resources against a backdrop of water insecurity caused by the dual impact of climate change and urbanization.

Funder: NWO
Focus Area: Research, Advocacy & Capacity building

Shifting Grounds

Main Objective: Project aims to build knowledge and capacity among local actors and support a transformative process in peri-urban delta communities groundwater resources.

Funder: NWO
Focus Area: Research, Advocacy & Capacity building

SCaN Regional Network

Main Objective: The SaciWATERs-CapNet Network (SCaN) is a platform for partnership towards capacity building in Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) across the South Asia region.

Funder: Cap-Net UNDP
Focus Area: Partnerships & KM, Capacity Building & Advocacy

Water Quality Project

Main Objective: The Water Quality Project is implemented in partnership with State Government of Telangana. The Project attempts to plug the gaps in the existing National Rural Drinking Water Quality Monitoring Program (NRDWQMSP) in the State of Telangana and activate the dormant systems and institutions at local level for sustainability.

Funder: Water Aid India
Focus Area: Capacity Building, Strengthening Interventions and Local Institutions and Advocacy

Social Networks