Ongoing Projects


Assessment of WAPRO project of ICSD

Main Objective: To evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of the project interventions in improving water stewardship at village level within the WAPRO setting (PUSH-PULL-POLICY approach) and provide recommendations and to document successful cases of village-based water stewardship.

Funder: Intercooperation Social Development India
Focus Area: Monitoring and assessment

Civil Society voices, vulnerable communities and localized platforms for water quality challenges

Main Objective: To enable/improve access to safe drinking water and health for marginalised and vulnerable communities in selected arsenic and fluoride districts of India. Through the approach of building people-centric district platforms, the projects aims to complement the National Water Quality Sub-Mission (NWQSM) floated by the Ministry of Drinking Water and Sanitation.

Funder: European Union
Focus Area: Implementation


Main Objective: To increase access of the households and school children with improved and sustainable drinking water and Sanitation services in urban slums and schools of Hyderabad city ensuring sustained behavior change among school children and communities. It also aims to mobilize the government funds towards demonstrating a sustainable and viable model of WASH infrastructure service deliveryp.

Funder:TATA Capital Cleantech Limited, (Supported by WaterAid)
Focus Area: Advocacy, Capacity Building, and Implementation

SCaN Regional Network

Main Objective: The SaciWATERs-CapNet Network (SCaN) is a platform for partnership towards capacity building in Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) across the South Asia region.

Funder: Cap-Net UNDP
Focus Area: Partnerships & KM, Capacity Building & Advocacy

Shifting Grounds

Main Objective: Project aims to build knowledge and capacity among local actors and support a transformative process in peri-urban delta communities groundwater resources.

Funder: NWO
Focus Area: Research, Advocacy & Capacity building

South Asian Water (SAWA) Leadership Program on Climate Change

Main Objective: To increase the number of women occupying leadership roles in the water sector fostering an interdisciplinary approach linking climate change and water insecurity by awarding fellowships to 36 women enrolled in master‟s-level Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) programs in Bangladesh, India, Nepal and Sri Lanka.

Funder: IDRC
Focus Area: Capacity Building

Understanding Women’s Role in Agriculture in the Eastern Gangetic Plains: The Macro and Micro Connections

Main Objective: The objective of the study is to critically revisit the role of women in agriculture in Eastern Gangetic Plains (EGP) that encompasses parts of South Asian countries viz. India, Nepal and Bangladesh, a region with highly fertile land, however, having a high dependence on agriculture, low productivity, limited crop diversification and high incidence of rural poverty.

Funder: Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR)
Focus Area: Research

Social Networks