June 18-20, 2013
Kathmandu, Nepal

About the Conference

A peri-urban landscape is subjected to constant changes, due to rapid urbanisation in large cities. Land acquisition, water transfers, dwindling land and water quality for agriculture are some of the common manifestations of urbanisation in these fringe areas coupled with an increasing demand for the commonly shared resources, especially water. Climate variability is also becoming a rather apparent phenomenon, which when juxtaposed on the existing urbanisation impact, only breeds greater vulnerabilities for communities living in these territories. In this complex web of affects, it is very important that managers and providers of water understand the dynamics, and help the communities, especially the more vulnerable groups to adapt to this situation. The project titled "Peri-urban Water Security in South Asia: Adapting to Climate change and Urbanisation" has been researching on these issues in four locations in South Asia, and is organising a workshop in Kathmandu, Nepal, to disseminate the research findings to a larger audience, working on similar issues around the region and other regions and countries.

The workshop will also attempt to gather momentum to address these issues in peri-urban areas, for change in policies, which will help improve people's lives and livelihoods. The climate induced water stress in these areas of transition will receive greater focus as it has implications, not only for water availability for multiple uses in a peri-urban zone but also for issues of adaptation to the changing scenario which is unpredictable and could largely alter the various livelihoods in the peri-urban villages. To achieve more effective policy change, the conference will engage with policy makers in a special session, with the agenda to sensitize them on the gravity of the issues which are unique to peri-urban zones, and to emphasize on the need for viewing these issues from the planning lens. Through presentations from other regions, the conference will be able to initiate discussions on how research and action can be taken forward while learning from successful cases across the world and to attract attention of the media towards focussing on these issues more strongly.

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Programme Schedule

The Dissemination Workshop will be structured into several sessions spanning cross three days that will share the knowledge around the concerned issues of peri-urban areas and brainstorm on possible ways of adaptation. The sessions will be moderated by some of the most well-known researchers working in the sector, with vast experience.


Workshop Report


The conference is being organised by SaciWATERs as part of the project titled Peri-urban Water Security in South Asia: Adapting to Climate Change and Urbanisation. Click here for conference travel advisory

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Who are Attending

The conference will be attended by academicians, researchers, policy makers, NGOs, students and media persons, who in their own sphere of work have been engaged with the sector for many years. The attendance to the sessions of the workshop is solely on the basis of personal invitation.

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