A major focus of the project is on a two-weeks intensive training programme of SAWA fellows on issues of interdisciplinary methods of water resources research, climate change, and gender research.


SAWA Leadership Programme video


SAWA Regional Workshop 2019: August 26th to September 7th 2019

The second regional training workshop on ‘Leadership and research methods for interdisciplinary water research’ was organized by SaciWATERs and Anna University with funding from IDRC, Canada and UNDP cap-net (SaciWATERs Cap-Net Network) in Chennai, India from August 26th to September 7th 2019.







Video story: Training programme SAWA Fellowship Programme (Phase I)

SAWA Regional Workshop 2018: August 24th – September 5th 2018

The workshop was held for 13 days in Kathmandu, Nepal. It consisted of 6 days of classroom learning, 3 days of fieldwork and 4 days of data analysis. The main outcomes and focus areas of the workshop included a a clear understanding of interdisciplinarity and interdisciplinary research; conceptual understanding of gender; fundamental know-hows of methodological frameworks to carry out interdisciplinary research on water and climate change; basics of scientific writing; and enhanced presentation skills.





Video story: SAWA Regional Workshop 2018