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Towards Collaborative Transboundary River Governance: Brahmaputra Dialogue Initiative

Authors: Safa Fanaian, Arundhati Deka and Vishaka Gulati

March 21, 2017 - Gender in transboundary water governance

Authors: Arundhati Deka, Vishaka Gulati and Anamika Barua

January 20, 2017 - Changing direction

WHAT dominates discourse on the Brahmaputra in the Indian media and political circles when it pertains to the north-eastern region has been the dispute over China or Bhutan constructing dams across the river’s tributaries and the sharing of its waters with Bangladesh. But frequent news about water resource development in the Brahmaputra basin in the upper riparian areas has shaped a perception in the north-eastern States of an imagined water war between India and China. Lack of transparency in projects implemented for water resource development in the basin, and claims and counterclaims by riparian countries over such projects have only added to the suspicion. Click here to read the story.